2017 "Chicken Chase"2017 "Chicken Chase"

Welcome to Terry's Garage! 

What's better than open road in front of you and colorful autumn scenery around you? 

You might want to ask that question of the folks in the facing photo, shot during the 37th Annual "Chicken Chase" last October. (For more about this event, click here.)

I suspect you'd get some interesting answers. But in the big picture, the drive to the destination is what counts, right? So enjoy your trip. And while you're here, the menu bar can take you to lots of cool places in my neighborhood. That's one of the main messages I try to spread here at Terry's Garage: Get off those main roads and take a different route every now and then. "Dig the drive"! 

Thanks for dropping by. 

(While you won't see it branded at the bottom of the page, this website is "Powered by" internal combustion!)

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