Vintage Dirt Track Racing!The "H.O.T.R.O.D." (Honoring Old Time Racers On Dirt) vintage racers hit the high banks at Madison Speedway. July 30, 2016

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Summer's officially kaput. The last vintage race of the season got rained out and here we are staring another off-season in the face. But don't worry. There's still open road to cover and events to savor. And there are still pics to browse through here at Terry's Garage. Interested in seeing some recent action from the "H.O.T.R.O.D." (Honoring Old Time Racers On Dirt)  vintage racing crew? Click here.

Elsewhere in Terry's Garage, browse through photos from past MSRA "Back to the 50's Weekend" and other Minnesota Street Rod Association runs, campouts, and shows. Catch WISSOTA dirt track action and NHRA drag racing action photos. There are photos from the NSRA Street Rod Nats in St. Paul. The "Side Roads" give you a photo tour of scenery-filled backroads across Minnesota and the eastern Dakotas. Read gearhead-related ramblings in "The Blog" and feel free to leave a comment. 

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