Terry's Garage | Eidskog
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A country church founded by Scandinavian immigrants and farmers in 1885, Eidskog Lutheran Church has now called in members and guests for one final worship service before closing its doors as a congregation. I was asked by friends who are members of the church to take a few photos of the church building, as a sort of remembrance. But as I walked around the church grounds on a breezy spring Saturday, I wondered if this was a story that could be told in one session with a few images.
It wasn't.
So, the project was an ongoing one. I returned over several months, adding to this collection of photos; hoping to present an in-depth, reverent look at this historic church.
Through my lenses, Eidskog stands firmly rooted and peaceful amid carefully-tended fields, prairie ponds and abundant wildlife. I can see that this place truly is God's creation.

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